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Midwives traditionally spend more time with their clients, both prenatally and during labor. Midwives emphasize preventative health care, educating the clients about nutrition, exercise, breastfeeding and labor and delivery. Midwives help women individualize their birth experience. They support clients in choosing a variety of birth options, including natural childbirth, as well as analgesics and epidural anesthesia. Midwifery clients statistically have a lower rate of forceps assisted deliveries, vacuum extractions, episiotomies, and caesarean sections.

Currently offered by Woman to Woman Midwifery are:

  • Deliveries at Ochsner Baptist
  • Personalized birth options including water birth, labor support, alternative birth positions and epidural anesthesia if desired.
  • Family planning counseling and treatment including IUDs, Implanon, oral contraceptives, and others
  • Gentle first pelvic exams
  • Menopausal counseling and treatment

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